Health is not absence of disease but a state of energetic well-being.

Most of the present day diseases are due to:

  • High stress urban living                   &    Highly polluted biosphere
  • Increasingly mechanized routine     &   life-style related
  • Depressed emotional blocks           &    Mood swings

Accumulation of metabolic toxins and energy depletions: These are the causes for disease and disorder in both body and mind. To detect them early, there are very exclusive scan & diagnostic tools in Siddha medical system through a series of tests on urine, Saliva and energy scan techniques. The comprehensive report will help to put the individual’s energies in order through a holistic approach.

The civilization genius of ancient Siddha Masters had understood and articulated the fundamental principles of healthful living in harmony with Nature. Siddha medical science most distinctly emphasizes the practice of Kayakarpam and Kayakalpam to rejuvenate the body and mind, markedly slowing down the biological ageing. Your journey towards vibrant health needs a three-pronged therapeutic strategy of detoxification, restoration and rejuvenation, which is the essence of Nature healing. We design individual therapeutic regimen as required along with life nourishing dietary recipes and herbal medicines.

Ancient Gurukula concept advocates nurturing energies of an individual and orienting the same towards health, happiness and enlightenment. Holistic development makes an individual wise from his inner being and effective from his outer personality. Balancing and harmonizing energies is the key to happiness.

Management Objectives:

  • Learn to live life joyously
  • Handle stress and anxiety
  • Understand and overcome fears
  • Learn to be responsible and identify new possibilities
  • Enhance intelligence and potentiality
  • Learn to be wise in decision making


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We are functional in a three dimensional form — Intellect is the functioning of the Head, Instinct is the functioning of the body and Intuition is the functioning of the Heart. Behind these three is your being, whose only quality is witnessing. A wise person creates a harmony between the body, head and heart. In this harmony comes the revelation of the source of one’s life, the very center or soul.

The process will lay emphasis on Health management and focus on Energization & Rejuvenation with traditional medicine, alternative therapies and Yoga.

The hallmark of Traditional Indian medicine & Siddha system is KAYAKARPAM i.e., imparting immunity to diseases and counteracting the aging process. A deeper exploration in the areas of kayakarpam of the siddhars can fetch us break-through in combating various incurable diseases. Siddha medical science most distinctly emphasizes the practice of Kayakarpam and Kayakalpam to rejuvenate the body and mind, markedly slowing down the biological ageing.

The programs will be based on Holistic therapy & spiritual guidance of the Masters and catering to the various stages of development of consciousness. Nature’s divine and healing energies will be invoked through Alternative therapy. When you fine-tune yourself to a happy state of being, where everything functions beautifully within you, best of your abilities will just flow out of you.

Salient points of the course:

* Anger Management
* Conflict Resolution – Inside Out
* Values for Leadership & Team-Building / Team-playing
* Creating Attitudes for Excellence
* Holistic therapy & Yoga for Health, Happiness & Success

To evaluate your energy chart fill in the form and understand yourself better. diagnostic-scanning-of-bio.doc


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picture-84.jpgTantra and Dynamic Yoga are major therapy tools in Siddha system of life and medicine, which is designed for efficient handling of stress related problems and to enhance energy levels of individuals.

“Yoga” is misunderstood by many as physical postures especially twisted and difficult ones. Yoga is the science of activating your inner energies to harmonize your body, mind and spirit with existence. There is a whole range of technology for alchemy of energies for higher possibilities discovered by the great Siddhars of South India termed -“Vasi Yoga”. The body and mind are activated and energized by the life force called “Prana”. Harmonization of our energies of the body and mind can be achieved through a combination of Yogic techniques along with Dynamic Meditation techniques from Tantra. The process involves a journey inwards using the body as Yantra, Mind as Mantra and connect to the self or soul which is Tantra or realisation of Godliness. The guidance and blessing of a master becomes the main source of energy for the disciple to attain these higher energies of Joy and bliss experienced in Tantra.


The Siddhars belong to a school of great knowledge which originally consisted of eighteen members known as Moolavarga Siddhars: Nandi, Thirumular, Agasthyar, Punnakkisar, Pulasthiar, Poonaikkinar, Idaikkadar, Bogar, Pulikkaisar, Karurar, Konganavar, Kalangi, Azuganni, Agappayan, Pambatti, Teriyar, Kutambai and Sattainathar. Siddhi means attainment of perfection; Siddha is a person who has conquered disease and death by the process of kayakarpam, Yoga and Meditation.

Death and enlightenment (moksha, nirvana, truth etc) are two topics considered very important in siddhars science. Human race has been hypnotized as it were with the idea and fear of death. Across every human threshold the skeleton form of death throws his grim shadow. Old or young, well or ill, rich or poor, all alike should pass through this shadow; and all the ages throughout the mortal world has been sounding the piteous cry for a solution of this riddle of life and death. Death has no existence or significance for the wise as it is but a phantom made hideous by the ignorance and weakness of the ignorant multitude.

Siddhars consider that death is not at all a necessary part of or event in human life; and that there is no law of nature that calls for death as a necessary happening. Man dies as a result of his own traditional ignorance, fear, imitation and erroneous auto-suggestion. Siddhars, through their spiritual power rearrange the molecules in their bodies in such a fashion that they get no sickness at any time; and what we call death does not occur to them.

Suspended animation is a condition of the human body, which pathology has understood very little and anatomy has not been able to throw light upon. Whatever may be the causes, one thing is certain that it is purely and distinctly a condition of deep sleep over the objective, the suspension of the vital functions and a state of absolute rest of all the vital organs. The wonder of it is that this condition may continue for years. Suspended animation may be divided into four classes: –

Under the first class come all the diseases due to nervous prostration. It is the supreme effort of nature to give the exhausted nerves absolute rest. It is nearly always followed by a recovery from the illness and the patient will be saved from the jaws of death or burial while alive. The patient in this condition can be fully cognizant of all that occur around them, being perfectly conscious of the significance of all the tests applied to them, and impatient of the opinion of the Doctors pronouncing them to be dead. They can even hear the lamentations of the stricken family and the preparations got up for their burial, but would be unable to move even a muscle or utter a word. If the patient is promptly and intelligently treated the effect would be always salutary with the consciousness duly regained and the period of convalescence restored.

Secondly suspended animation would be found operating in a Yogi in Samadhi state brought about by him. Here it is a self-induced condition observed in our country. There are many well-authenticated instances of this among Yogis varying from a few hours to many months and even years according to Siddhars science. In fact it is this object of siddhars to show the intrinsic importance of this subject and point out as well, the fundamental error, which many modern Doctors commit miserably, and the danger to be apprehended from ignorance of the psychic principles involved herein.

Third and fourth conditions are just mentioned and not dwelt in detail. The third is induced by hypnotic suggestion and is called cataleptic state belonging to domain of Hypnotism. The fourth in some accidental cases due to injury to the nervous system, affection of the brain, snake bites etc. The soul leaves the body before it is being worn out or destroyed.

Siddhar, s Philosophy:

According to siddhars, one has to attain gnana or enlightenment only when both his body and soul are intact together and hence the necessity of karpa medicine and other regimens to attain deathless stage or jeevan-mukthi. Infact the hallmark of Siddha system of medicine itself is Kayakarpam or rejuvenation i.e., imparting absolute immunity to diseases, counteracting the aging process and forestalling death. Hence preservation of the body becomes a prime prerequisite to salvation through Gnana or Enlightenment. The siddhars have thus classified the body according to their states of being into — IRULDEGAM, MARULDEGAM, SHUDHADEGAM, and PRANAVADEGAM & GNANADEGAM.

The transition from Iruldegam to Gnanadegam is the process of realization and enlightenment. The various scriptures of Hinduism as well as the teachings of the great masters also point out the importance of physical health through proper regimens of life and Yoga prior to Gnanayoga and meditation. Yoga by itself is a vast field of learning and understanding especially the practice of Hashtanga Yoga and Kundalini chakras. Impurities in the individual are more in the physical or sthoolashareram than in the shookshmashareeram presently called the aura or the astral body. With Karpa medicines physical body is preserved through Body toning (Valivupera), Kayasiddhi and rejuvenation (marumalarchi) to the state of anandamayam.

“Vasi” means to dwell or reside inside. The one that resides inside is the true self keeping the body and mind as instruments. Vasi Yoga comprises the process of harmonious breathing by which  we are enriching our body and mind with the energies required for health and happiness in our self.

The body and mind are activated and energised by the life force called “Prana”.There are five different pranic energies in our being responsible for the functioning of our Gnana-indriyas and Karma-indriyas which are the faculties helping us to live in this world. A combination of lifestyle changes, Yogic Kriyas and breathing techniques harmonise the energies of our body and mind for a healthy living. You also need a connection to the inner being through understanding and feeling of our inner energies through Meditation.  Even in Patanjali’s Yogasutra, Pranayama is given more importance to bring in a balance of energies of body and mind. Any disturbance of either the body or the mind brings about a disturbance to the other viz – Anger initiation brings about a change in the breathing pattern making it heavy before the actual manifestation in the body. Hence right breathing termed Swasa kriyas along with Pranayama and pranic energization techniques are required to attain a state of healthy well-being.


The hallmark of Siddha system is KAYAKARPAM i.e., imparting immunity to diseases and counteracting the aging process. A deeper exploration in the areas of kayakarpam of the siddhars can fetch us break-through in combating various incurable diseases. Siddha medical science most distinctly emphasizes the practice of Kayakarpam and Kayakalpam to rejuvenate the body and mind, markedly slowing down the biological ageing. The therapy of Kayakarpam is attained through Karpa-aviztham (karpa-medicines) and karpayogam (regimens of life). The longevity of an organism clearly depends on its individual parts and their effective organization. The intercellular organization can be made effective with help of medicines, specially prepared for this purpose like Amuri, muppu etc and practicing special regimens like pranayama, yoga and meditation.

Amuri, Muppu and Guru are highly acclaimed preparations in Tamil Siddha tradition. It is mentioned in the literature that without these, the preparation of any medicine, the efficacy of any drug or the accomplishment of Kaya Karpam is incomplete. Even amongst these three, Amuri is primordial in the preparation of Muppu itself. It is considered as a very basic drug. Because of its importance, Siddhars in their literature have used various synonyms in cryptic poetic language. In Kandar Nadi Vakiyam, an unpublished nadi literature, a reference is found that a specially prepared plantain juice (pj) is Amuri.

Amuri is used i) during treatment (Vaidya Amuri) ii) as a base for processing metals/minerals (Vada Amuri) iii) to facilitate salvation (Gnana Amuri) iv) to rejuvenate and prolong life (Karpa Amuri).